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Best Online Tutoring Platforms to Connect Students and Teachers
Online Tutoring

Best Online Tutoring Platforms to Connect Students and Teachers

Dec 04, 2023    |    0

The trend of online learning along with the advent of several new technologies, such as AI and VR has radically changed the global face of education within the last decade. Students did not take long to understand that being physically present in the classroom is not the only learning option anymore.

Even before the pandemic disrupted the way we educate, an increasing number of students were already seeking alternatives to the traditional classroom. Be it taking charge of their academics or taking out more time for themselves and their hobbies, students realized that online learning has the potential to be the key to their success.

Students require platforms that include their academic curriculum, qualified teachers, synchronous as well as asynchronous modes of learning at affordable prices. However, the saturation of market with a huge number of eLearning platforms makes it difficult for the students to find the best matching platforms for them.

Top Online Tutoring Platforms for 2022


Without further ado, let's directly discuss the popular and student-friendly eLearning platforms with their pricing and unique offerings.

1. Tutor.com

This platform offers one-to-one learning for students in kindergartens, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and corporations working for workforce development. The teachers on the platform range from Ph. D.s, IVY leagues to doctors, professors, and pilots who are available 24*7 on-demand to provide guidance in more than 200 academic subjects.

The subjects on the platform include Mathematics, History, Humanities, Science, Drama, and test preparation for ACT, SAT, P/SAT, GED. Tutor.com also provides courses in nursing and health, technology, essay/cover letter writing, business, and even career support. The subscription package starts from $39.99 monthly for 1 hour daily and goes up to $114.99 for 3 hours.

Another highlight of Tutor.com is that they make sure the teachers on the platform earn a good income. The only requirement for teaching on Tutor.com is that the teacher should be residing in US or Canada and should have a valid social security number.

After applying on the platform, teachers have to clear an exam and background check, following which they can start tutoring on the platform.

2. TutorMe



This is a revolutionary online education platform that provides on-demand tutoring and online courses. The platform lists tutors from top colleges and universities across the U.S. so that the students have access to the best instructors. Covering 300 subjects across all grades and levels, the platform offers any type of help ranging from just one math problem to even computer programming.

The lessons on TutorMe are conducted in a virtual environment which includes features like a whiteboard, text editor, and screen sharing. All the live lessons are archived for students' future reference. TutorMe has a pay-as-you-go pricing model starting from $1/minute for quick homework help and going up to $119/month for 4 hours of lesson.

It is a great website for the tutors as well. Teachers are required to have prior teaching experience, a master's degree in the subject they want to take lessons in, and graduation from an accredited university. They can earn around $18-$20 per hour for sharing their knowledge and answering students' questions.

3. Preply

This is one of the best online learning platforms for language learners. It has thousands of native speakers listed from around the world. The platform has teachers in different languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin, German, French, Russian, Arabic, and many more. The platform allows the learner to practice a foreign language with a native speaker that helps learners to speak naturally and comfortably instead of an automated app.

The platform can be used to enhance vocabulary, complete foreign language assignments, and become fluent in any foreign language. Learners caFverban search for teachers based on their availability, language, nationality, cost, and experience. The pricing of the online sessions on Preply is not fixed as the teachers set their own hourly rates.

The teachers also get the flexibility to decide the number of hours they want to teach. As soon as their application to teaching is accepted, learners can start booking lessons with them.

This is an online language learning platform that pairs learners with language teachers via video chat. The platform has 10000+ native-speaking expert tutors offering language learning sessions in over 70 languages. Verbling aims to offer affordable remote language learning lessons which can fit anyone's budget and schedule.

The platform's incredible features like collaborative textpads, vocabulary review, and many more are integrated into the platform which are accessible within the browser window making it easy for the learners. The language learning sessions on Verbling are also supported on desktop browsers, iOS, and Android.

The learners on the platform can also request their teachers to create a personalized curriculum as per their requirements. The prices of the online classes on Verbling are not fixed as they are set by the teachers. Online language teachers can also launch their own language learning platforms and can increase their earning potential.

5. Chegg

Known as the best online tutoring platform for its affordability, flexibility, and diversity of subjects, Chegg offers 24*7 help for homework, exam preparation, and writing. The platform has experts listed from top colleges and universities who are available round the clock to help students of all ages in any subject.

An on-demand chat with an expert on Chegg costs $6.95/lesson. The monthly subscription of Chegg Study costs $14.95 which includes textbook solutions, 24*7 access to experts, and millions of homework answers. Chegg also offers another monthly subscription of $30 in which students can have an hour-long virtual session with the teachers.

Chegg is a great option for the teachers as well where many teachers are earning more than $1000 a day. All you need is previous teaching experience and a four-year degree from a university.

6. Skooli

Skooli offers pay-as-you-go learning model which makes it one of the preferred online learning platforms for students. This flexible model does not lock students into a monthly plan and comes quite handy if they require guidance once in a while or are stuck in tricky homework.

The lessons on Skooli can also be accessed on mobile devices which enables the students to learn even on the go. Students can search through hundreds of qualified teachers filtered by subjects and grades who are available 24*7. The pricing plan of Skooli starts from $0.82 per minute.

To become a teacher on Skooli, teachers must have at least a bachelor's degree or a master's degree/Ph.D. or any specialized qualification. Teachers on the platform can earn as much as $25 per hour.

7. Wyzant

Wyzant offers online one-to-one lessons to students with the expert instructors of their choice. With more than 300 subjects ranging from algebra and calculus to language learning and preparations of tests like SAT and many others, Wyzant has all the online learning requirements covered. The platform has more than 80,000 instructors registered who are ready to help students with their academics.

Wyzant also has a repository of more than 1 million online courses that can be accessed by students who wish to learn by themselves. The pricing of the online lessons on the platform ranges from about $10-$700 depending on the subject and expertise of the teacher.

To become a teacher on Wyzant, one needs to have a valid social security number and US account number.

8. Cambly

Cambly is an easy-to-use platform that provides on-demand access to English tutors over video chat. The platform is available for both iOS and Android devices. It allows learners to find the tutor as per their needs and interest and schedule a session with them.

The platform has guided courses that include academic test preparation, business English conversation practice, and much more to focus on the specific needs of each learner. The interactive classroom with powerful tools helps students every step of the way. The video lessons can be recorded to review and revise new concepts.

Cambly has subscription plans starting from $12/month and going up to $160/month. The price of each lesson depends on the time and package selected.

9. TutorEye

TutorEye is an online tutoring platform offering tons of flexibility to the students at the lowest prices. The platform claims that the tutors & students are paired using a smart algorithm instead of randomly picking out tutors of the database. Students on the platform have an option to choose between a live session or written step-by-step help.

TutorEye also offers the option to choose the monthly plan or go for a pay-per-minute plan specifically designed for on-demand help. The monthly plan of TutorEye starts from $50 or 2 hours while the pay-per-minute starts from $0.50 per minute. To become a teacher on TutorEye, one needs to have a bachelor's degree or higher and thorough knowledge of the subject.

10. Varsity Tutors

This is a live-instruction platform for students of all ages. The platform offers tutoring in more than 2500 subjects from 40,000+ tutors registered on the platform. The interactive tools available in the platform like video chat, shared workspaces, etc. make students feel like they are interacting face-to-face with the teacher.

All the sessions conducted on the platform are saved for the students to watch later. The mobile app of the platform lets the students take tutoring and live sessions anywhere. An ample number of tools are available to help students do all the work they need from a mobile device.

The pricing of Varsity Tutors is available on request.

11. iTalki

This is a popular website to learn foreign languages by trained educators and experts around the world. The platform offers one-to-one tutoring to aspiring learners in more than 150 languages to become fluent in any language. The learners can practice their language skills for free with the iTalki community.

The platform allows the learners to learn at their own pace without worrying about rigid schedules or fixed fees. Currently, iTalki has more than 10000 teachers registered. The prices of the online sessions are set by teachers which is why there is no fixed pricing plan for the platform. Usually, the iTalki classes cost between $10-$20.

12. Lingoda

Lingoda is a professional platform that offers live online classes 24*7 to learn foreign languages. The platform has the option to learn one-to-one or in small groups so that practicing and getting feedback becomes easy. The platform caters to all learning levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

The platform provides the flexibility to learn any time of the day and any day of the week. Lingoda has more than 1500 qualified and native speakers registered as teachers for the students to make significant progress. The pricing of Lingoda starts from $56 for group sessions and goes up to $760 for one-to-one tutoring.

13. Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep offers customized online one-to-one tutoring and group tutoring to the students as per their needs and goals. Covering the academic subjects and test preparations, its online tutoring programs optimize the learning experience with personalized instruction, easy scheduling, and expert tutors.

Revolution Prep boasts that the tutors on the platform are employed full-time who get constant training and are dedicated to helping students and boosting their scores. The pricing of Revolution Prep is categorized into three parts:

  1. Unlimited homework help and discounted tutoring - $99/month
  2. Small group tutoring - $399/month
  3. Private tutoring – $1199/month

14. NoorTutor

NoorTutor is a leading online tutoring platform where students can find private tutors for learning subjects and languages like Geography, Biology, English, French, Arabic, Urdu, and many more. Various subject matter experts are listed on the platform who not only help students to understand a lesson but to excel in them.

The interactive online environment also facilitates tutors to interact with students via 1-on-1 live sessions and group sessions can also be conducted. The pricing of an online class is quite affordable, ranging from $2-$20, and on enrollment, students also get a 30 mins free trial lesson.

15. TakeLessons

TakeLessons is an online tutoring platform, not just limited to academics but music learning, language learning, computer skills, art & craft, and much more. The platform has top-rated instructors to guide students in every step of their learning journey. The lessons on the platform are customized to match students' styles and pace.

The subscription of TakeLessons starts at $19.95/month which gives access to hundreds of live classes going on across a range of subjects. The platform also offers a 14-day free trial for the learners.


VIPKID is one of the popular names in English tutoring for Chinese students aged between 5-12. The platform is quite well-known among the students because of which it has more than 500000 students already registered as learners. The platform offers one-to-one online sessions to the students rather than group sessions.

The teachers are required to have a bachelor's degree to teach on the platform. Prior teaching or tutoring experience is preferred at the time of selection.

Key Features to Consider Before Choosing an Online Learning Platform

Now that you are aware of the popular eLearning platforms, let's have a look at the things to consider before deciding on an eLearning platform.

1. User-Friendly Interface

eLearning websites have a few hundred courses and teachers listed on them which makes it difficult to find out the one you are looking for. The platform must be functional and intuitive to use. If there is even a tiny chance that a student or a teacher will face any difficulties, there should be a guide or welcome tour which should be provided immediately after registration.

Online chat, phone support, and FAQ should also be available on the website. An interactive dashboard should also be present that represents rating, progress panel, and everything else a learner needs to monitor.

2. Mobile Device Compatible

If you can access the online lessons/courses using a mobile device, they are twice as likely to be completed.  They can be accessed while waiting for a bus, standing in a line, having your breakfast, etc. Smartphone access reduces the number of canceled or postponed lessons due to the lack of time or unpredicted circumstances.

It ensures that you can access the platform/courses/online sessions anytime from anywhere. Even if you are late and cannot be at home on time, you can find a cafe or any quiet place and attend a scheduled online session.

3. Virtual Interaction

Virtual interaction adds the feature of real-time communication between the students and teachers within the platform. No matter how detailed the course material is, there will always be something for which you will require real-time interaction with the teacher. A video conferencing feature comes to the rescue that time.

A platform with a comprehensive set of tools for online broadcasting, chats/discussions, streaming videos, screen sharing, with interactive features enables students to communicate with teachers, get feedback, and run Q&A sessions.

4. Asynchronous Learning

This mode of learning allows the students to complete the course material at their own pace which significantly improves engagement and knowledge retention. They can create a personalized approach to their learning that works best for them. It is also referred to as the learner-centered method as it gives full independence to complete their course.

This learning method works best for working adults where they can manage their learning pace as per their working schedule.

5. Trial Lessons

Every student has a different learning style and learning goals to accomplish. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to decide on a teacher or a course without having a demo/trial. The platforms offering trial lessons are helpful in this case. Trial lessons break the ice between the students and teachers and help students get acclimated with the platform to see if it is right for them.

These are the most common and basic features required by the students and teachers while deciding on a tutoring platform. The budding entrepreneurs who are planning to enter the industry are required to work on these features before launching their tutoring platform. Along with these features, there are many other features to be integrated into a tutoring platform to stay ahead of others.

Over to You

Finding the right online tutoring website is no easy feat, for students and teachers alike. It includes masses of research into diverse factors like pricing, features, technology, and many more. We hope this bid to help you find the best tutoring platform has actually helped you to make an informed decision.


1. Is online tutoring effective?

Online tutoring is indeed very effective. Learning/tutoring from the comfort of your home is way more convenient and efficient. It gives students access to a larger pool of teachers without the hassle of traveling to them. It also offers teachers an opportunity to earn more while sitting at home.

2. What are online tutoring websites which can be used to earn money?

 The top online tutoring websites that can be used to earn money are listed below:

  • Chegg
  • Tutor.com
  • Skooli
  • Preply
  • TutorEye
  • TutorMe
  • Varsity Tutors
  • Wyzant
  • Revolution Prep
  • iTalki
  • Lingoda
  • Verbling
  • Cambly
  • Take Lessons
  • Noor Tutor

3. Who should use Online Tutoring Services?

Online tutoring service is not limited to any specific group of learners or tutors and can be leveraged by anyone. It is mainly useful for:

  • Learners who are working professionals and do not have time to attend physical classrooms.
  • Language learners who want to learn a foreign language from a native speaker.
  • Students/tutors who are concerned and hesitant to attend classroom gatherings during COVID. 

4. Do tutors need to be certified for an Online Tutoring Job?

Certification to become a tutor for an online tutoring job depends on the platform you are applying to teach. Many tutoring platforms do not require certifications, however need prior tutoring or teaching experience to become a teacher on their platform. Many others require degrees or specialization in the subject you are applying to teach.

5. How much tutors can earn from tutoring online?

The earning from tutoring online varies widely and depends on several factors including the platform on which you are teaching, your level of experience and expertise, the demand of that subject in the market. Many platforms allow tutors to set their own rates, however, it is important to set competitive rates to sustain in the market.