The Different Types of Water Heaters for Your Property

Water heaters are one of the basic essentials in the home and especially for bathing. This gives a good amount of hot water supply and the comfort that you will enjoy. The system that is provided is generally reliable in which hot water is given, and should be operated without any hitches. But if there are any issues that arise; your service provider is always able to assist you in times of need for repairs and even re-installments of water heaters. Investing for high quality water heaters will surely provide years of convenience especially when made for your home.

Did you know that there are different types of water heaters? Yes! Not just only the usual heaters that we see at the hotels that are more expensive. There are others that perhaps you have not known of or maybe you did but did not give much attention. Here are the following types of water heaters that you will surely enjoy using in your own homes.

Storage tanks- these are the most common tank type of water heater. It has an insulated tank where water is stored and heated until it is ready for use. These are technically available in three kinds: the electric, natural gas models and the liquid propane. Mainly the natural and liquid propane are more affordable, less expensive to operate compared to the electrical models. These tanks are classified according to how many gallons of water they can hold. That means the size of the tank matters. Since there is a number of gallons to be used, recovery rate of the water tank is also considered. This explains as the higher the demand of the hot water in the tank so is the recovery rate.

Tankless – this type of tank does not store hot water but instead it heats water and passes the series of coils through the unit. This is more energy efficient than those of the traditional hot water tanks. Like the storage tanks, it is also available in liquid propane, natural gas and electric models. The downside of the tank is that it only provides a limited hot water flow rate up to 3.5 gallons per minute.

Utility or Point of use -this is a small hot water heater and these are a good source for adding hot water to shops, outbuildings, and or garages. This also comes in a larger size which can provide hot water to the other bathrooms in the home that can be situated near the main water heater.

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