Most Common Boiler Problems

Does your home or business own a boiler? If so, then it’s important to know some possible problems that you could experience. These will help you to recognize the biggest problems the boiler is having, and help you to identify the best solutions. Here are some of the most common boiler problems:

most common boiler problems

  1. Strange noises

Strange noises from any home appliance can be scary, and that includes a furnace. Possible strange noises include whistling, banging, or gurgling. Air within the system is a very common cause. Low water pressure could also cause the sounds.  Another common cause is pump failure, which often happens with older systems. You can often narrow down the possible source of the noise by the type of sound that the boiler makes.

  1. Frozen condensate pipe

This pipe transports the acidic water away from the boiler. It results from waste gas. It usually runs into a drain. Due to the location, it can risk freezing. You can find the condensate pipe by checking at the boiler. The pipes enter/exit the furnace and is located under the unit.

  1. Leaking/dripping

Several issues can cause these. That are based on where the leak is happening. It’s important to call a professional to have the boiler checked. The most common cause of this problem is a broken component inside the boiler, such as a pressure valve or pump seal.

  1. Radiators not heating up

In this case, either not all the radiators heat up, or only the bottom part is heating up. This can result from several causes. The two most common causes are air/ sludge building up in the system, or unequal heat distribution.

  1. Pilot light turns off

This could be the result of a busted thermocouple. That stops the boiler’s gas supply. Other possible causes are a deposit build-up inside the pilot light, or a draught blowing out the pilot light. Before you turn on the pilot light again, it’s important to make sure that there’re no issues with the gas supply.

  1. No heat/hot water

This could result in issues such as motorized valves, airlocks, etc. Checking the thermostat or boiler pressure is good. The airlock, valve, or diaphragm might need to be replaced.

  1. Pressure loss

If your boiler pressure becomes too low, the boiler’s central heating system could malfunction. Check the boiler’s built-in pressure gauge. There’s a problem if it’s under 1. There could be several causes of this problem.

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