How to Maintain and Repair a Metal Roof

Do you own a metal roof? Whether you already have installed one or are planning to, it’s important to know how to maintain and repair the roofing properly. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Replace badly damaged flashing

It’s highly recommended that you contact a metal roofing technician to do that. There are particular types of cleaning/maintenance that you can do on your own. However, replacing severely damaged flashing is a major job.

2. Re-seal seams/edges

That should be along the flashing. Use urethane roofing cement for the job. It’s important that you do this whenever you notice it. That’s because over time the damage could become worse, which could result in worse problems. That’s likely a situation you’ll want to avoid.

3. Seal leaks

There are a few options. You could use urethane roof cement, which protects the roofing against UV rays better than standard plastic or asphalt cement. Then use a putty knife to spread the material over the damaged area or hole.

Another choice is to use a waterproof flashing membrane that’s self-stick. You’ll need to replace urethane roof cement/water-proof flashing membrane after time. That’s because they’ll both break down over time.

Metal Roof

4. Look for holes and rust patches

These are some of the main signs of deterioration. You could also find other signs that the metal is wearing out. In the case that you find such signs, remove the rust by using steel wool or a wire brush.

Then use a metal primer to prime the surface. Next, add a top coat that matches with your roof’s color. You can find several colors of spray paint at an auto parts store.

5. Clean the roof from time to time

It’s important that you clean the metal roofing periodically to make sure that it functions at an optimum level. It will also help to extend the life of you metal roofing.

There are various methods to clean the roofing, including wire brushes and pressure washing. It’s also important to clean the roofing, so there isn’t a build-up of mildew and mold. It’s important to do the process correctly to get the best results.

6. Check for loose nails

This is important as it will affect how securely the metal roofing stays attached to your home. This should be part of your routine checks on the roof. It will help to ensure that the roofing is as secure as possible. If you find loose nails, make sure to pull them out then re-nail them.

There are more tips on how you can maintain your metal roof on this page.