6 Things to Look for Before Hiring a Heating Engineer

Are you thinking about hiring a heating engineer for your home? While it’s a good decision to make if there are issues in your home, you might want to rethink the move and instead make these six checks first:


1. Radiators

The radiators of the unit might not be operating efficiently. There’s a problem when the radiators don’t give off enough heat. The cause of this could be because there is a little air trapped in the radiator.

A common problem is a radiator that is a little warm at the bottom and cold at the top. The good news is that the problem is very easy to fix. Taking some basic steps can help to solve the problem. You can research online for relevant articles on this.

2. Cold/hot radiators on different floors

You should first bleed the radiators. Air in the system could be causing the problems. Another option is to check the pump near the boiler. There’s an inspection hatch to see if the pump is turning properly.

3. Boiler’s electricity

This is a major issue to consider if you’re not getting any hot water. There could be an underlying problem with power getting to the heating unit.

Many people make the wrong assumption that gas boilers only get their power from gas. However, power is necessary for powering the unit’s lights/digital display. Making sure they’re working is important.

There are other issues to check if you’re not getting any hot water. That includes the thermostat, timer, pilot light, etc. The problem could be resulting from these items.

4. Boiler controls

Various boiler controls can malfunction, so it’s important to check them. They include the thermostats, programmers, electronic developers, radiator valve, etc. It’s important to check these issues before you call a professional. They’re quite easy to check. You can save a lot of money if you can fix the problems.

5. Pressure decrease

It’s important to check the pressure gauge after you’ve bled the radiators. Other factors can cause the pressure to drop. The primary reason is a leak in the system. The leak often happens around any place of the system where the connection points link with the valves.

6. Noisy boiler

These can involve banging, hissing, or other sounds. Different issues can cause it. That includes scale within the heating system, not enough water/pressure in the central heating system, boiler failure, faulty boiler controls, etc. It’s important to check these issues to find out if they’re causing the noises.